Visit the "Eilandje" and come to listen what he has to say.

Listen to messages

The Antwerp Whisperer translates charming messages he catches in the air in whispers. On the docks near the MAS museum, you can listen to them at any time of the day.

Aren't you wondering what The Antwerp Whisperer wants to tell you? Just go to the statue nearby the museum MAS, Godefriduskaai 12, Antwerp, Belgium. Press the EN button on the other side and lend him your ear.

The whispers change regularly and are compiled by a small society that guarantees messages that will make you wonder.

Message Recieved

Cool, you just got a special message. The Antwerp Whisperer would like to whisper in your ear and waits for you on the docks, at the "Eilandje" in Antwerp.

When you visit the statue of the Antwerp Whisperer, you will be able to enter your phone number and unique code which you received by SMS. Once that is done, you will hear a whisper message which has been made especially for you.

Enter your current address and follow the directions to The Antwerp Whisperer. He looks out for you and is eager to meet you very soon, near the docks at the "Eilandje".

Recorded message

you marry me?"
"Sssssst ... I'm pregnant."
"I give a party, please be there..."
"Can you please come home soon, to clean up your room..."

Whisper your own thoughts and open up your heart. Go to "De Fluisteraar" app and let The Antwerp Whisperer deliver a personal message to your favorite listener.

How does this work?

De Antwerpse Fluisteraar App
  • Download "De Fluisteraar" app on your smart phone
  • Register yourself and accept the general terms and conditions - you can also register via your Facebook account
  • Whisper a message of maximum 20 seconds Your message has been sent to the Antwerp Whisperer
  • He keeps your message until your chosen listener has listened to it.
  • For every message you whisper and sent, you have to buy a credit.
  • A credit costs €1.99.. There is the possibility to buy packets of credits. The more credits you buy, the cheaper the credits get
De Antwerpse Fluisteraar App
  • Select from your phone's contact list the person who you want to send the message to. You can select 1 or more persons. 1 credit for every person
  • The selected person receives a SMS with the information that The Antwerp Whisperer has a message for him. In this SMS he will also find a unique code.
De Antwerpse Fluisteraar
  • Once arrived at The Antwerp Whisperer, the chosen listener will need to enter his phone number and unique code at the keyboard.
  • He will hear the whisper message you recorded for him. He can replay your message 3 times.
  • Via "De Fluisteraar" app you will be able to know when your recorded message has been listened to.
De Antwerpse Fluisteraar
  • You can decide whether your whisper message can be shared on social media by checking the appropriate box.
  • If you have checked this box, the chosen listener can share your message on social media